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Paola Arguello



An ancestral culture full of traditions treasured by its artisan women today is the GUNA YALA ethnic group. Taking the essence of PANAMA'S most precious cultural treasure in its millenary concept, we put as protagonists the TRADITIONAL MOLAS to create timeless pieces full of magic and millenary tradition. The most LUXURIOUS BEACH PIECES and accessories, sporting the EXUBERANCE of .Panamanian CRAFTSMANSHIP    


We are passionate about conserving and internationalizing this beautiful art craft .The exquisite embroidery, done stitch by stitch, on the most unsuspected fabrics, with mesmerizing designs, full of life and emotion, is an example if such tradition. 

Thus, these pieces, born in the designer's hands, are the subject of international fashion articles, showing and enhancing the cultural richness of Panama and its fashion industry.


Such milestone has been achieved through painstaking work carried out by the group of indigenous women, who hand in hand with the designer, have broken the standards in terms of quality and innovation.


The cultural richness and exuberance of the Paola Arguello's designs have as main hallmark the mola embroidery”.

Paola Arguello's pieces promise to highlight the woman's sensuality and delicacy that they naturally own.



The delicacy and femininity that each of these pieces wears, are in essence the concept that denotes the style of the designer. 

The PANAMANIAN molas in their maximum expression of beauty, innovation and quality.


Taking the essence of the cultural treasurepanama's most precious in its millenary concept, we put as protagonists the TRADITIONAL MOLAS to create timeless pieces full of magic and ancient tradition.

Our collection of wallets of natural leather with very autochthonous molas in a sober and conservative style they are versatile and at the same time modern pieces.


Our very uncomplicated and at the same time elegant style leads us to discover this portfolio model, which combines natural culture with living culture.

Fabrics such as parumas, handkerchief and afro, have maximized the expression of Panamanian ethnic fashion.


Accessories that combine TRADITIONAL FABRICS of different Panamanian ethnicities with materials that enhance their beauty and color; all HANDMADE with the purpose of preserving the essence of the TRADITIONS of their communities.


Shoes and sandals for women very SUMMERY, made from the color and the most representative fabrics of the GUNA YALA and EMBERÁ ethnic groups.

The colorful "Caribbean" of each of our pieces denotes the HAPPINESS and NATURAL WEALTH that distinguishes us as a native community.


Pieces that break the scheme of summer that characterizes us.

Molas embroidered on pieces of unparalleled QUALITY such as the PERUVIAN ALPACA, are embroidered in the most incredible color that we can appreciate.

The handmade work and experience of women artisans,
they are the greatest added value of each of our products.

We maintain the ARTISANAL CONCEPT of the hand weaving of our precious molas
and we take it to its maximum expression of LATIN AMERICAN FASHION.


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Paola Arguello

We are a company that creates fashion from studying and reinterpreting ancient stories that remind us of our Latin American origin.
We respect the traditions of our culture and help preserve them in a space we create by making contemporary fashion.

Somos una empresa que crea moda a partir de estudiar y reinterpretar historias milenarias que nos recuerdan nuestro origen Latinoamericano.
Respetamos las tradiciones de nuestra cultura y contribuímos a preservarlas en un espacio que creamos haciendo moda contemporánea.

I Paola Arguello | Fashion Designer I Urban Chic & Precolumbian Jewerly Designer I Luxurious Beach & Resortwear I Handcrafted by Indigenous Women I Panamá - Colombia - Perú I

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